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Briefly analyze its classification and use (2) 2019.10.12

In the previous narrative, two types of Oxford cloth have been analyzed for everyone. Next, the Oxford cloth manufacturers will continue to analyze the full-elastic oxford cloth, the tidy oxford cloth, the weft oxford cloth and their main manufacturing range, and hope to help everyone.
Full-elastic Oxford cloth
Mainly used in the manufacture of luggage
The fabric warp and weft yarns are all made of polyester DTY300D yarn, which is arranged on the water jet loom by using the coarse point change through the air. After the fabric is relaxed and refined, predetermined type, alkali reduction, and soft setting, the fabric does not pass through the rubber and polyester layer. Oxford cloth manufacturers analyzed that the bags made of this fabric, with its fashionable appearance, delicate texture and good waterproofness, were sought after by many fashionable ladies who became beautiful, and became the new favorite of the women's bag store at that time. Its fabric door width is usually 150cm.
Tigger Oxford
Mainly used in the manufacture of various bags
The fabric is made of polyester DTY400D network wire, and the weft wire is made of polyester DTY wire 400D. Use Tigger to arrange the texture and interlace it on the water jet (belt) loom. The fabric design is novel, the craft is common, the front plaid is highlighted, the stereoscopic effect is strong, and it becomes the prominent part of the fabric. At the same time, the coating (PU) process is not used, which makes it more waterproof and drapable. A variety of bags of fashion materials. The width of the fabric is 160cm. The listed colors are mainly black, navy, coffee series and so on.
Weft oxford cloth
Mainly used in the manufacture of various bags
The fabric is made of polyester FDY68D/24F, the weft is made of FDY150D/36F, and the weaving process is made by weft-drawing in water-jet (with multi-arm). The cloth noodles are clear, combining modernity, artistry and drape. The grey fabric is dyed, embossed or pressed, and has the advantages of strong drape and good water resistance. The fabric door width is 160cm.