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Characteristics of long-staple cotton fabrics 2022.06.02

Long-staple cotton is named for its soft and long fibers, also known as island cotton and fine-staple cotton. The long-staple cotton is of high quality, and all quality indicators exceed the national standards.

Features of long-staple cotton:

1. The quantity is small and the quality is very precious, which is comparable to the rare diamonds in South Africa;

2. Under the same conditions, the growth cycle is 10-15 days longer than that of upland cotton, and the heat required is larger, so it is of higher quality;

3. The fiber is soft and long, the heating is fast, and the warmth retention is strong;

4. The fineness and strength are much higher than ordinary cotton, so the softness is better.

Advantages of long-staple cotton fabrics:

1. Good drape and silky smoothness;

2. The fabric has high dyeing fastness and will not fade after long-term washing;

3. Wear-resistant and durable, good wrinkle resistance, not easy to pilling;

4. It has good air permeability and moisture removal, and has more than 5 times the air permeability of ordinary fabrics.


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