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Common quality problems of apparel fabrics 2022.03.02

Under normal circumstances, in the workwear fabrics worn or washed by consumers, the main problems are: the dyeing fastness of the fabrics, the change rate of the size of the workwear after washing, as well as cracks, pilling and so on. For these common problems, let's analyze:

Color fastness

Color fastness is an important indicator of quality for workwear fabrics. It not only affects the appearance of workwear fabrics, but also directly affects the health and safety of the human body. The dyes of workwear fabrics with poor dyeing fastness simply fall off, and the fallen dye molecules or heavy metal ions may be absorbed by the human body through the skin and endanger health. The dyeing fastness of functional protective clothing and related fabrics produced by the city's fabrics can reach 4-5 grades. Since we have our own laboratory and relevant testing instruments, we will do detailed product testing before facing the market. detection.

Washing dimensional change rate

When consumers buy clothes, they often can only see the content, color, design, and style of the ingredients, but not the inner quality. After cleaning, it was found that the clothing was shrunk and deformed seriously. The fabrics produced by the city fabrics ensure that the shrinkage rate of all materials can reach within 3%, and this is also taken into account when making protective clothing, so consumers can be assured of the problem of deformation and shrinkage when wearing them.


Cracks are one of the common inspection items in workwear fabric product standards. It is very denim workwear fabric. In order to wash out the design effect, the strength of individual parts loses a lot, and it is easy to break. In the testing of breaking strength and tearing strength, the fabric of the city fabric will ensure that it meets the relevant national standards to ensure that it can be worn normally and better achieve the purpose of protection.


Pilling workwear fabrics are mostly workwear fabrics of knitted sweaters and woven loose-structured fabrics.