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How to choose denim fabric 2019.11.29

What is made of denim? How to choose denim fabric? Denim is also known as cleavage, which is a thicker twill cotton, also known as indigo labor cloth. Denim began in the western United States and was named denim for herders to make clothing. Denim shrinkage is much smaller than ordinary fabrics. The texture is tight, the fabric is thick, the texture is clear, and the color is bright. Modern young people like to wear jeans, comfortable and stylish and full of personality. There are more and more styles of jeans, and denim products have created an irreplaceable exclusive market.

What is made of denim? Denim is a fabric that can be used all year round, not only for clothes, but also for bags, shoes and other items, so there are many denim fabrics. Denim fabric is divided into plain weave, twill weave, interweave and shadow. Classified by ingredients, denim is further divided into combed and carded. These fabrics may also be mixed with cotton, cotton-linen blends, and Tencel to make denim.

How to identify the quality of jeans? Jeans must be one of the most popular denim products. Let's take jeans as an example to learn how to identify the quality of denim.

1. Look: When we look at more jeans, sometimes we can see how the denim fabric is at a glance. This is because a good jeans fabric must have a refreshing style and clear texture without too many black spots and other hairs, because this is the characteristics of denim itself. Good fabrics must have this on the surface. Characteristics.

2. Smell: When you pick up jeans, close to the smell. Good denim fabrics do not have any irritating odor or other odors. Good denim fabrics can sleep peacefully even when used as pillows. Low-quality denim fabrics on the market always have an odor. Although it is not necessarily a high-quality fabric without odor, it must be a low-quality denim.

3. Touch: Cover the jeans with the entire palm and slide it up and down repeatedly to feel how close the jeans are. Denim fabric is not as soft as possible, and it will be very soft if softener is added. Good denim fabric should be able to achieve a close-fitting style, which is the nature of denim fabric.