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How to Control Shrinkage of Flame Retardant Fabrics 2022.09.16

Since the fireproof fabric is shrunk by mechanical pre-shrinking, its shrinkage rate must be pre-determined and manipulated. The process is mainly as follows:

(1) Take two full-width post-treated fireproof fabrics as samples, wash and iron them according to regulations (or customer requirements), and then obtain the shrinkage in the length and width directions.

(2) Adjust the mechanical pre-shrinking machine to obtain the required pre-shrinking ratio according to the shrinkage ratio in the length and width directions obtained by the sample.

(3) After the finished fireproof fabric has passed through the pre-shrinking machine, a section of samples is cut from the falling cloth, and the samples that are not pre-shrinked are cleaned and ironed in the same prescribed manner to obtain the shrinkage rate. Thereby, it can be determined whether the fabric processed by the pre-shrinking machine achieves the required shrinkage rate.

In order to prevent the fireproof cloth from shrinking due to cleaning during consumption and use, so that it can maintain the original size or achieve the specified shrinkage rate during use, the fireproof cloth needs to be wetted and steamed during mechanical pre-shrinking. , sometimes excessive wet treatment or excessive steam treatment is required. In actual production, specific decision-making operations should be made according to the actual situation and the post-finishing of the fabric. However, no matter what kind of wet conditions are adopted, it should be ensured that each yarn (thread) is completely wetted by water, and only in this way can each yarn (thread) be shrunk.