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How to deal with the static electricity of the fabric 2021.07.14

In relatively dry climates such as winter, static electricity is particularly easy to generate. Sometimes a small amount of static electricity will not cause damage to people. However, if you stay in static electricity for a long time, it will damage your nerve center and cause dizziness, irritability and other symptoms. It is necessary for everyone to deal with static electricity.
1. Spray water mist
If the clothing needs to be worn and cannot be washed immediately, you can pour clean water into a spray bottle, and spray water on areas where static electricity is generated by simple friction, such as cuffs and underarms. If there is no spray bottle, you can also use a towel to soak in water. Then wipe lightly on the clothing, which can also achieve the purpose of removing static electricity. It is relatively simple to remove static electricity by spraying water, which is especially suitable for our use.

2. Wash clothes
Static electricity is simply generated when the cloth of work clothes rubs against the skin. Cleaning clothes is the fastest way to remove static electricity. And when the clothes are not worn, they are spared from hanging for a long time, which may increase the probability of static electricity carried by the work clothes.
3. Hang on the metal
If the clothing must be hung in the closet to dry, you can hang the clothing on the metal that is in contact with the ground, so that static electricity will not stay on the clothing, which can be a good escape from static electricity. For a type of fabric with a smooth surface, it is best not to buy it if you mind. Cotton or linen fabrics can greatly reduce the probability of static electricity generated by the fabric.
The above methods can remove static electricity to a large extent, but everyone also has many points to pay attention to in the daily care of clothing. For example, the clothing should not be close to the electrical appliances, and the wardrobe should not be too dry, so that the probability of static electricity generation will be reduced. minimize.