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"Hundred" feet and gimmicks, even into the "one" step, the 101st China Needle Cotton Fabric Fair opened in Shanghai 2019.05.04

On April 20th, the 101st China Cotton Fabric Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as “China Needle Club”) was officially opened at the New International Expo Center in Pudong, Shanghai. This year's exhibition, together with the success of the 100-year-old China-China Conference, combined with the current situation of the development of China's underwear industry, brought together the “big bang” of the Chinese needle-and-cotton fabric industry to jointly create a splendid spring of Chinese cotton fabrics.
The middle needle will originate in the 1940s, and a lot of people in the cotton industry will make the middle needle go through the 100th period and show off the beautiful style. Last year, Zhongzheng will return to Shanghai, a cosmopolitan city, and let the people in Shanghai witness the Shengshihuazhang of the China Needle Club.
No trade at the show will not work, this year's China Needle will once again bring together a number of "big names" in the industry. Arctic velvet, Langsha, red beans and other household names, brand awareness and reputation are extremely high and have formed a complete industrial chain. The old-fashioned enterprises with products in many fields such as underwear and home textiles have come to the stage to show the mature and mature enterprises. Evergreen. At the same time, several new cutting-edge forces in the new retail industry are equally unique. Brands such as Amira, Body, and JU have taken their best from the operating experience of traditional brands, combined with the current new trends, using multiple channels such as physical stores and micro-businesses to make the company grow stronger and more vigorous.
It is a good show and a wide audience. It is a violent thing.
This session of the China Needle Club has poured great efforts into the invitation of the audience buyers. The three-dimensional and carpet-style standard “Greek Posts” will be used to carry out the “Ten City Thousands of Miles” and invite many of the needle cotton industry. The audience went to the exhibition. The types of audiences invited include department stores, shopping centers, supermarket chains, wholesale markets, e-commerce, and retail terminals. It has been extensive, precise and professional in the selection of audiences.
China's underwear industry supply chain conference will be the highlight of the exhibition. The Chinese underwear industry is booming and becoming the new engine for the development of the needle cotton industry. Perfecting the supply chain of the underwear industry and promoting the strong docking of resources such as production, transportation, sales and purchase will inject vitality into the progress of the Chinese underwear industry.
In the past, we can lead the future. On the evening of the 20th, the China Textile and Apparel Industry Awards Ceremony and the China Underwear Industry Annual Conference with the theme of “China Needle Club and Le Weaving Night” were warmly opened. The Hall of Fame selection brought together textiles and garments such as knitting and underwear. Industry elites, operators, terminal operators, industrial clusters, chambers of commerce and other elites in the industry were short-listed. It is a professional and heavy award in China's textile and garment industry.
In addition, China Needle will also be ingenious in promoting the comprehensive promotion of China's underwear industry. The first "China Underwear Culture Festival" took the essence of the development of underwear and apparel in the history of China's 5,000-year history of civilization, and adopted poetry in a unique way. The form of songs and songs showcases the influence of thousands of years of history on Chinese underwear culture, allowing more viewers to appreciate the underwear culture that stretches and stretches on time reels. Trying to inject cultural support for the current Chinese underwear industry.
"Hundreds of feet" gimmicks, more into the "one" step, the 101st session of the needle meeting, is "creation 101", is "development 101", is "leading 101." Such a grand event will stand in the forefront of the waves of the times and contribute to the rapid development of the Chinese cotton industry.