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Influence of improper pretreatment on polyester-cotton blended fabrics 2022.07.11

The pretreatment of polyester-cotton blended chemical fiber fabrics will have a great impact on the coloring quality of the fabrics.

Such as the quality of desizing, the effect of wool after scouring, whiteness, silk finish, the degree of setting, the alkali content of the cloth, etc., any of these indicators cannot be uniform and meet the process requirements. color will be reflected.

As far as the scouring gross effect is concerned, if the rolling alkali concentration, steaming temperature, and steam flame time are not properly controlled, the gross efficiency will vary. When coloring, those with high gross efficiency will absorb a large amount of liquid and get darker color; those with low gross efficiency will have a small amount of liquid absorption and light color.

Another example is the whiteness, due to the change of the rolling liquid concentration, rolling rate, steaming temperature, stacking time and other factors, resulting in the difference in the whiteness of the fabric, and the difference in whiteness must be reflected in the color after coloring. Severe will form a color difference.

Therefore, it is necessary to strictly pre-treat the process operation of each seedling to ensure that the physical and chemical indicators of the semi-finished product are uniform.

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