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Is a nylon backpack better or an Oxford backpack 2021.04.28

1. Nylon fabric and Oxford fabric have different styles, and their waterproof and abrasion resistance are very good, but Oxford fabric is heavier than nylon. Therefore, if you want to have a lightweight backpack, it is recommended to choose nylon fabric. Special attention should be paid to the fact that the lightness of nylon fabric is both an advantage and a defect, because the overall look of a backpack made of a soft fabric is not as stiff. Therefore, if you want a better-shaped backpack, it is better to choose an Oxford cloth fabric.

2. The main feature of Oxford cloth fabric is its high hardness and ductility resilience, so the backpack made of Oxford cloth fabric is durable, wrinkle-resistant and non-ironing. The water absorption of Oxford cloth is a little weaker than nylon, and the air permeability is not as good as nylon. But Oxford cloth is easier to dry after washing. The hardness of the cloth is basically not reduced, so it is not easy to deform, and can very well protect the inner objects from damage. When it comes to computer bags, Oxford cloth is a very good choice.

3. The main feature of nylon fabric is its good abrasion resistance, especially high-density nylon fabric, which has excellent abrasion resistance, and the water absorption of nylon fabric is a good type in synthetic fiber textiles, so it is made of nylon The bag will be more comfortable and breathable. Nylon is a light-weight textile. The weight of a backpack made of fabric will be lighter than that of other fabrics, and it is more conducive to travel. Therefore, many outdoor backpacks choose nylon fabrics when making them. But because nylon fabric is light and soft, it is very easy to deform under external force. Therefore, usually defensive backpacks will not choose nylon fabric.