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Is Oxford fabric waterproof 2021.10.09

Waterproof Oxford fabric itself does not have a waterproof effect, and it has a waterproof effect after processing and adding a waterproofing agent in the later stage. Waterproof oxford fabric finishing is generally divided into two types: breathable fabrics and air-impermeable fabrics according to the air permeability of the processed waterproof fabrics. The air-impermeable finishing is also a coating finishing. The surface of the fabric is coated with a continuous film that is impermeable and insoluble in water, so The fabric is not breathable. Waterproof Oxford cloth, in simple terms, is a waterproof fabric. It has the advantages of waterproof and sunscreen, cold and aging, UV protection, strong pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, easy washing, and economical benefits.

Oxford cloth is waterproof. Oxford cloth, also known as Oxford spinning, originated in England and is a traditional combed cotton fabric named after Oxford University. There are many varieties of Oxford cloth, including plain, bleached, color warp and white weft, color warp and color weft, medium and light color strip patterns, etc.; varieties include checkered, full stretch, nylon, tige, etc.

Waterproof Oxford cloth has oil and water repellency. Water repellency refers to the ability of the fabric to reverse water droplets from its surface. The purpose of water repellent finishing is to prevent water droplets from penetrating into the fabric, preventing water from penetrating, and still maintaining the breathability and moisture permeability of Oxford cloth.

There are two common waterproof Oxford cloths, one is polyester waterproof Oxford cloth, and the other is nylon waterproof Oxford cloth. The waterproof Oxford cloth has been specially treated with water repellent. The surface can make water droplets form round beads and will not diffuse and penetrate into the interior, achieving a water repellent function like a lotus leaf. No matter how heavy it rains, the inside of the fabric will not be wet and remain dry. The rain will slide down along the way.

Waterproof is a relatively mature function of Oxford cloth. The waterproof effect of waterproof Oxford cloth is also relatively simple in the finishing process. Therefore, compared with ordinary Oxford cloth, the price of waterproof Oxford cloth is not much higher, and the price difference is generally Control it at <1 yuan/meter. So when choosing whether to waterproof or not, there is no need to entangle, waterproof Oxford cloth is really not much more expensive than ordinary Oxford cloth.

Waterproof Oxford cloth has good pollution resistance, can maintain long-term cleanliness, has good weather resistance, extends its service life and enhances its corrosion resistance. Waterproof Oxford cloth can have flame retardant properties at the same time, can prevent further damage caused by fire, good tensile and tear resistance, so waterproof Oxford cloth has a wide range of uses. Waterproof Oxford cloth can be used in ponchos, tents, luggage and shoes, open-air carports, etc., and can also be used in areas that require warmth and waterproofness, such as shade cloth and vegetable greenhouses. The main function of waterproof Oxford cloth is to keep warm, so waterproof Oxford cloth is usually used as a jacket, diving suit and so on.