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The difference between yarn-dyed fabric and printed and dyed fabric 2021.10.22

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The yarn-dyed fabric we use is a kind of fabric produced by adopting spinning yarn for coloring, according to the color configuration of different yarns we need, combined with a reasonable organizational structure, and it has a certain pattern and color. The fabric of yarn-dyed fabric generally presents the style of lattice and sliver, and the general woven fabric is adopted. The yarn coloring of yarn-dyed fabric is generally divided into two types: yarn-dyed yarn and dyed yarn. Generally speaking, yarn-dyed fabric is Shuttle looms, but knitting machines can also make yarn-dyed knitted fabrics. Through the changes of spinning yarns of different colors, the interlacing of warp and weft yarns, and different grid sizes, there are many different kinds of interlaced Flower shape and color product.

The yarn-dyed fabric adopts general woven fabrics, like some men's shirts we usually wear. The fabrics are striped and checked. Most of them are yarn-dyed fabrics, but there are a small number of exceptions. Then you can Look at the reverse side of the cloth. If the reverse side also has some faint lattice patterns or stripes, then it is a yarn-dyed cloth.

If there is nothing, white, it is printed and dyed cloth. For knitted fabrics, weft-knitted fabrics generally have more horizontal stripes. The printed and dyed fabric is finished by printing and dyeing from the embryonic fabric. Printing and dyeing cloth can be divided into printing and coloring cloth. Printing includes piece printing and piece printing. The piece printing means that the pattern of the whole piece has been formed on the machine, and the piece printing is the partial pattern, just like some of our clothing, some are The whole piece is covered with prints, and if it is only on the chest or arms, it is a piece of print.

Yarn dyed fabric is better than printed fabric, and it is not easy to fade.