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What are the advantages and disadvantages of laminated fabrics 2021.07.09

Laminated fabrics are fabrics produced by merging two or more kinds of fabrics. This type of fabric combines the characteristics of multiple fabrics. Laminated fabrics are mainly used in the field of workwear fabrics. Its appearance can be Satisfy those work outfits with special functional requirements.
What is laminated fabric? People also call laminated fabrics bonded fabrics. As the name suggests, it is to bond multiple fabrics together. The fabrics are divided into three parts: face fabric, lining fabric and film, and then glued by hot melt adhesive during production. The process is more complicated and it will be re-bonded in case of errors.

Advantages and disadvantages of laminated fabrics: "Laminating" can make the fabric have the characteristics of a variety of fabrics. The fabric is very durable and generally has a certain elasticity. It can not only be used to make some close-fitting clothes, but also can be used for coats, etc. Production of work clothes. The specific advantages and disadvantages of the fabric are determined by the choice of the material to be used. The advantages and disadvantages of different materials are different. Of course, the disadvantages of the fabric are also obvious, because it is a combination of multiple cloths, and work clothes. Then there may be degumming or separation. When cleaning, it is necessary to control the water and air strength. When drying, it should not be exposed to the sun for too long.

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