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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Oxford fabrics? 2021.08.13

Advantages of oxford fabrics:

1. Oxford cotton is light and thin, and feels soft!

2. Oxford spinning has good waterproof performance!

3. Oxford fabric is very durable, so it is very suitable for making all kinds of bags!

Convenience: Compared with the hard case, the most obvious structural feature of Oxford cloth bags is that they have various shapes, which can meet the flexible access of various small objects that need to be used frequently when traveling.

Abrasion resistance, drop resistance, and pressure resistance: Oxford cloth bags are strong and tough, and the requirements for the environment are much looser compared to hard cases.

Anti-scratch: Oxford fabrics are tight and strong, which can easily cope with inadvertent collisions and frictions during travel. The smooth surface of the hard box will be scratched and bumped, which will be obvious and difficult to repair.

Durability: The durability here does not mean drop resistance or wear resistance, but the Oxford cloth can still maintain its original appearance after frequent and long-term use, and the hard box will not be bumped or scratched even after long-term use. , It is also difficult to conceal the traces left by the years, even if a sticker is attached, the discoloration and loss of the material cannot be prevented. Advantages: Oxford spinning is the first to use yarn-dyed weaving method, which is not easy to fade, compact and flat appearance, smooth and plump cloth surface, natural luster, flexible hand feel, flat and comfortable, and good air permeability.

Because of the many advantages of Oxford cloth, the uses in life can be seen everywhere. Oxford cloth has a wide range of uses. It is used to make trolley cases, backpacks, hand bags, tool bags, tents, carports, strollers, baby slings, fences, simple wardrobes, storage, shoe materials, health equipment and other fields.

Disadvantages of oxford fabrics: polyester fabrics are generally treated with anti-static and rain-proof coatings, and the coating is easily damaged! Oxford fabrics were originally designed for sports and are a kind of casual fabric, so they are not suitable for use On a very formal occasion

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