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What are the advantages of polyester fabrics 2021.01.29

Polyester is the English word for polyester or polyester. Like cotton and linen, polyester is our more common workwear fabric. Because polyester clothing is durable and cheap, it has become particularly popular in the workwear market.

Advantages of polyester fabric:
Polyester is also known as elastic fiber. Its elasticity is also the best among chemical fiber fabrics. The high elasticity means that the fabric can quickly recover after stretching, so clothes made of polyester will not wrinkle when worn normally of.
Secondly, polyester has excellent abrasion resistance, which is one of the reasons why polyester clothing is durable. This feature also makes polyester have a good application in casual T-shirts and ski wear.
Then the price of polyester is relatively cheap, and the prices of different types of polyester on different platforms will vary, but it is still much cheaper compared to pure cotton. This is also the competitiveness of polyester and pure cotton to seize the workwear market.
Finally, polyester has very good corrosion resistance, bleaching agents or oxidants will not let it decompose, and polyester fabrics are not easy to mold, which is also the reason why polyester clothing is durable.

Disadvantages of polyester fabric:
Polyester has poor moisture absorption, far inferior to pure cotton and linen. In addition to the general deviation of the breathability of chemical fibers, polyester clothing will be more stuffy after being worn, and it does not have the comfort of pure cotton. This is also polyester. The main flaw.
Then the molecular structure of polyester determines that its coloring performance will be relatively poor, and the entire coloring process will be more difficult, but the color fixation is particularly good. Polyester clothing will not fade if it is washed normally.
The last thing is that polyester garments usually have fluffing or pilling after washing, which will definitely affect the appearance of the garment.

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