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What are the characteristics of polyester cut-resistant Oxford cloth 2021.10.15

Cut-resistant fabric is a high-performance, ultra-durable fabric. It is the best choice for outdoor apparel, sportswear, luggage and sports equipment products. Cut-resistant fabric, with light, quick-drying, soft and durable functional fabric, it is not easy to change color after long-term use. The special structure of the fabric endows it with excellent abrasion resistance, tear resistance, unparalleled strength, and a good hand feeling with light weight, softness, stable color and easy care. Nowadays, it is widely used in various products such as bags and shoes.

1. Form The longitudinal surface of the polyester cut-resistant cloth is straight and smooth, and the cross-section is round. Polyester is acid-resistant but not alkali-resistant, because the ester groups in polyester macromolecules will be hydrolyzed in lye, but it is also possible to use appropriate lye to imitate the silk.

2. Strong elongation and elasticity Polyester cut-resistant fabric has high strength, high elongation and good elastic recovery performance. The strength of ordinary polyester is 35.2-52.8cN/tex, and the elongation at break is 30%-40%. According to different processing, polyester has high strength and low elongation, low strength and high elongation and other types. Due to its high strength, high elongation and good elasticity, polyester has excellent abrasion resistance, second only to nylon. In addition, the initial modulus of polyester is high, so the fabric is crisp and dimensional stability is good.

3. Moisture absorption and dyeability of anti-cutting cloth Polyester has a compact structure, high crystallinity, and no hydrophilic genes in the internal macromolecules, so the moisture absorption capacity is low and dyeing is difficult. Polyester has only 0.4% moisture regain under normal atmospheric conditions. Therefore, the fabric has the advantages of easy washing and quick drying, and also reflects the defects of poor sweat absorption and air permeability.