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What are the characteristics of some common fabrics in daily life 2020.11.17

1. Fine cloth:
The fabric is firmer than silk, the surface is flat and clean, light and thin like silk, soft and comfortable.
2. Poplin:
The texture is fine, light and thin, the cloth surface is soft, smooth and crisp, the surface texture is clear and the particles are full, and it has a good texture.
3. Khaki:
The texture of the fabric is tight, thick and firm, with good abrasion resistance, crisp and clear texture.
4. Tribute:
The surface is smooth, delicate, soft to the touch, good intact, bright in color, and has good elasticity and tightness and is not easy to deform.
5. Crepe:
The cloth surface is crimped and uneven, also known as walnut, light and soft, smooth and novel, easy to color.
6. Combed cotton:
Features cotton fabric with soft hand feel, natural finish, many pores on the cloth surface, comfortable to wear, and good shape retention.
7. Cotton satin:
It is a satin cotton product, with silky finish and satin style, soft hand feeling, thick texture, elasticity, comfortable wearing, and good appearance and color.
8. Corduroy:
The hand feels soft, the velvet is round and straight, the lines are clear, the velvet is full, and the texture is firm and durable.
9. Flannel:
Soft touch, good warmth retention, comfortable to wear, soft appearance of the cloth.
10. Cashmere:
It has a light texture and very warmth. It is a unique and rare animal fiber. It is called "fiber diamond" and "soft gold" abroad. It is soft, slender, slippery, thin and elastic, and has a natural soft color. Moreover, it has good moisture absorption and abrasion resistance.
11. Rabbit fur:
Small specific gravity, good warmth, full of elasticity, strong hygroscopicity, softness, warmth, beautiful appearance and other characteristics, poor cohesion, low strength, easy to shed hair.
12. Mohair:
High strength, high elastic recovery rate, strong wrinkle resistance, good abrasion resistance and moisture absorption, strong decontamination, good coloring, non-shrinking and not easy to felt.
13. Camel plush:
The color is lighter, the finish is weak, the hand feels smooth and soft, the elasticity and strength are good, the warmth is good, and the abrasion resistance is good.
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