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What are the main excellent characteristics of polyester fiber 2021.04.15

Polyester fabric is a very common chemical fiber. It is a product of large molecular chain synthesized by small molecules. The raw material is derived from oil refining and natural gas waste, so it is not considered a high-grade fiber. However, polyester fiber fabrics have very good applicability and practicability, with 16 excellent characteristics, and are indispensable textile materials for modern fashion fashion.

1. The color is milky white with mercerizing, but the polyester fabric can be dyed in any color under high temperature and high pressure.
2. Polyester can burn in fire, curl, and melt into beads, with black smoke and aromatic smell.
3. It has high crystallinity, and the density is 1.38-1.40g/cm 3, which is similar to wool (1.32g/cm 3 ).
4. In the standard state, the moisture regain of polyester fiber is 0.4%, which is lower than that of acrylic fiber (1%-2%) and nylon (4%). Due to low moisture absorption and little drop in wet strength, polyester fiber fabrics have good washability and wearability, but the static electricity phenomenon is serious during processing and wearing, and the air permeability and moisture absorption are poor.
5. High strength. The dry strength is 4-7cN/dex, and the wet strength decreases.
6. The light resistance of polyester fiber is second only to acrylic fiber.
7. Polyester fiber has poor conductivity due to its low moisture absorption. The dielectric constant in the range of -100~+160℃ is 3.0-3.8, which is an excellent insulator.
8. Polyester fiber is very stable to acids (especially organic acids). After immersing in 70% sulfuric acid solution at 100°C for 72 hours, its strength is not lost, but it cannot resist the long-term effects of concentrated nitric acid or concentrated sulfuric acid.
9. The extension is moderate, 20%-50%.

10. The surface is smooth, and the cross section is nearly round. But it can also be made into fibers with special cross-sectional shapes, such as triangular, Y-shaped, hollow and other special-shaped cross-sectional filaments.
11. The elasticity is close to that of wool. When it is stretched by 5%, it can almost be restored after the load is removed. Therefore, the wrinkle resistance of polyester fabrics exceeds that of other fabrics.
12. The abrasion resistance of polyester fiber fabric is second only to nylon, but surpasses other synthetic fibers, so it is durable.
13. Among chemical fibers, the initial modulus of polyester fiber is the crowning one, and its value can be as high as 14-17 GPa, which makes the polyester fiber fabric dimensionally stable, without deformation, no distortion, and long-lasting pleats.
14. The fiber can be destroyed by the action of concentrated alkali at normal temperature and dilute alkali at high temperature, and it is relatively stable to dilute alkali or weak alkali at low temperature.
15. Polyester fiber has strong resistance to general non-polar organic solvents, even to polar organic solvents at room temperature.
16. Polyester fiber is resistant to microorganisms and is not affected by moths, molds, etc. Therefore, polyester fiber fabrics and clothing are easier to store.