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What Is 900D Oxford Fabric 2022.08.17

900D Oxford Fabric is named after the University of Oxford. It is a polyester fabric that is characterized by a concave-convex effect and clear cloth lines. It is also used to make many kinds of bags, tents, outdoor supplies, and more. It is manufactured by Jiaxing Texson Textile Co., Ltd., a company based in Jiaxing city, China.

900D oxford fabric

900D Oxford Fabric is a soft and light polyester material with a great luster. It is popular in clothing, luggage, and sporting goods. It is commonly used for backpacks, carrying bags, and trolley cases. It is also used to make tents and other outdoor supplies. It is manufactured by Jiaxing Texson Textile Co., Ltd. in Jiaxing city. Its characteristics include a high grammage and high tear strength.

900D Oxford fabric is a high-denier polyester material that is resistant to water. It has a durable hand and drape, and is water and fire-resistant. This fabric can be custom printed and is available in PVC and TPU lamination. For added durability, it can be insulated. It can also be used as a protective shell for a backpack. Its OEKO-Tex standard 100 certification makes it ideal for a variety of outdoor uses, including transportation and protective gear.

Oksford is an excellent outdoor fabric that is available at your local outdoor store. It is available in many colors and comes in multiple densities. It is durable, yet soft, and has a high level of breathability. It is also very resistant to stains and has a high waterproof rating. It is recommended for use with raincoats, and it is ideal for cold weather. It is not recommended for clothing that has a zippered closure or a zippered front.

900D oxford fabric specifications

900D Oxford Polyester is a sturdy and resilient material for the outdoor environment. It is highly weather resistant and can withstand years of outdoor use. A 60 x 32 inch platform swing with a weight capacity of 900 pounds is a perfect choice for your child's swing set. The fabric can support up to four children and no other accessories are needed. Its OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certification is an added bonus. Moreover, it is fire retardant and water proof. There are also PU Coated and TPU Laminated options available for the fabric.

A 900D Oxford fabric is available in different specifications. The first one is its thickness. The thicker the yarn, the more expensive it is. There are further subdivisions within this specification. Each sub-level is further divided according to the grammage and density. The heavier the grammage, the higher the price. Similarly, a thicker fabric is better for colder temperatures. If you are interested in purchasing Oxford cloth, check out the specifications before you make a purchase.

The second type is Pinpoint Oxford. It is a blend of Oxford fabric and light sail that has a more formal look. It has a soft and lustrous texture. This fabric is also a high quality choice for casual wear. Finally, Royal Oxford Fabric is brilliant and renowned for its softness. Its color is bright and lustrous, and the texture is distinctive and textured. If you're interested in learning more about Oxford fabric, consider visiting our website today!

900D oxford fabric uses

The 900D Oxford Fabric is a lightweight and durable material. It is often used in the manufacture of home decor products, including duvet covers, pillow shams, and window treatments. It also has excellent water and twist resistance. It is also quick-drying and can be washed easily. It is commonly used for outdoor and travel supplies and is produced by the Jiaxing Texson Textile Co., Ltd., located in Jiaxing city.

The 900D Oxford Fabric is a 100% polyester material that is 315 gsm in weight. It is also fire retardant, making it an excellent material for tents, bags, and luggage. In addition to its many practical uses, 900D Oxford Fabric is also available in custom prints, PVC laminated, and TPU lamination. This material is very durable, and is suitable for a variety of applications.

Compared to other materials, 900D Oxford fabric has a low-price point. Its high-density fibers provide good resistance to abrasion and chemicals. This material is also machine-washable, making it an economical option for garment makers. Oxford fabric retains its shape after washing. Therefore, it is a great choice for garments that require water-resistant properties. However, you should check with your manufacturer if your fabric meets these requirements.