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What is the difference between wet and dry pu 2021.06.02

What is wet pu
The method of wet pu leather: First, evenly cover a layer of PU resin on the textile fiber cloth, and then immerse the textile fiber cloth covered with PU resin into a coagulation tank filled with water, and wait until the PU resin layer is in a semi-solidified state. , Use a mold with patterns on the surface to emboss on the PU resin layer, and then take out the textile fiber cloth, enter it into the washing tank, and make it further mature, that is, a PU synthetic leather with a three-dimensional pattern on the surface is obtained; the present invention can reduce The production cost of synthetic leather simplifies the production process; and the texture of the processed synthetic leather has a strong three-dimensional effect, making it closer to the natural texture of natural fur.

What is dry pu
The production of dry pu is based on the PU resin coating method, which is coated on the release paper of various textures, dried and pasted, and then pasted together with the base fabric (knitted fabric, non-woven fabric) as the base material. The process of bonding, drying, etc. makes the pattern of the product the same as that of various release papers. After printing, it is comparable to real leather in terms of touch, toughness and appearance.
The difference between wet and dry pu
The dry pu production technology is the earliest industrial production method developed for polyurethane synthetic leather. The produced synthetic leather has excellent strength and strong bonding, but its air permeability is relatively poor. This type of synthetic leather is mainly used in the manufacture of footwear, balls, luggage, furniture and decorations.
The wet pu production technology is a new synthetic method developed after the dry method. The synthetic leather produced has good moisture permeability and air permeability, soft, plump, and light, and it is richer in the style and appearance of natural leather. So the speed of development is extremely alarming.