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Why can flame-retardant Oxford cloth be fireproof? 2021.09.23

Flame-retardant Oxford fabrics are flame-retardant treatments based on dyed fabrics, or flame-retardant agents with flame-retardant functions are added to the fiber through polymer polymerization, blending, copolymerization, composite spinning, and extrusion modification techniques. In, make the fiber flame-retardant. Flame-retardant means: this material will catch fire, but it will automatically extinguish within 2 seconds after leaving the fire, and will not support combustion.

Flame retardant Oxford cloth is also called fireproof Oxford cloth. Oxford cloth itself does not have the flame retardant effect. It is the effect of Oxford cloth made of flame retardants and special processes. It will show flame retardancy when encountering open flames or other conditions. nature.

The flame-retardant Oxford cloth will automatically extinguish immediately after the fire source is removed, and the burning part is quickly carbonized without melting or dripping, which can effectively prevent the flame from burning and spreading, reducing or avoiding burns and scalds. Flame-retardant Oxford cloth has good durable washing performance, non-toxic, no odor, safe and reliable, breathable and moisture-permeable.

Flame retardant Oxford cloth is a kind of high temperature inorganic fiber material, with stable chemical properties, fire resistance, heat resistance, high temperature resistance, softness, resistance to various chemical corrosion, good chemical stability, environmental protection, mildew resistance and other characteristics.

Flame-retardant Oxford fabrics are mainly flame-retardant fabrics made of flame-retardant yarns and fabrics with flame retardants. They are washable, have good flame-retardant effects, feel good, are non-toxic and safe, and meet the requirements of ecological and environmental protection.

The flame retardancy of flame-retardant Oxford cloth is often realized through the principles of meteorological flame-retardant, condensed phase flame-retardant, and interrupted heat exchange flame-retardant. The flame-retardant fabrics that have been promoting the growth of the combustion reaction chain to perform freely are gas-phase flame-retardant; those that delay or organize the thermal decomposition of the polymer in the solid phase to play a flame-retardant effect belong to the condensed phase flame-retardant.

Flame-retardant Oxford cloth fabrics are used in special industries such as protective clothing, automotive interiors, sanitation workers' clothing, fire-fighting appliances, chemicals, machinery, etc., and are also used in aviation, chemicals, building materials, fire protection and other fields.

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