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Why is polyester so popular in clothing 2020.06.19

Polyester is popular because it’s cheap, it’s washable, and it usually doesn’t fade or wrinkle. In other words, it’s very convenient and affordable.

Cotton, on the other hand, has a tendency to shrink; requires ironing; and is inclined to fade, especially along seam lines. Also, good cottons, which are less likely to shrink or fade, tend to be more expensive than polyester. On the other hand, cotton “breathes” better than polyester, hangs more gracefully, and looks beautiful when it’s freshly ironed.

The fact that you see so much polyester online and in stores suggests that people value its convenience and affordability over the beauty of natural fibers. Or it could just mean that that’s what retailers think people want.

I can relate to your pain. I do a lot of sewing, and I much prefer to use natural fibers—-cotton, linen, wool and silk. Most of today’s fabric stores carry very little selection in natural fibers, unless you’re looking for calico. I’ve often complained that, if any of the fabric stores near me were to catch fire, most of the merchandise would melt rather than burn.

Characteristics of Polyester

Polyester fabrics and fibers are extremely strong.

Polyester is very durable: resistant to most chemicals, stretching and shrinking, wrinkle resistant, mildew and abrasion resistant.

Polyester is hydrophobic in nature and quick drying. It can be used for insulation by manufacturing hollow fibers.

Polyester retains its shape and hence is good for making outdoor clothing for harsh climates.

 It is easily washed and dried.

Uses of Polyester

The most popular and one of the earliest uses of polyester was to make polyester suits – all the rage in the 70s. Polyester clothes were very popular. Due to its strength and tenacity polyester was also used to make ropes in industries. PET bottles are today one of the most popular uses of polyester.


Polyester care tips

Taking care of polyester clothing is really easy and very time efficient.

Polyester clothing can be machine washed and dried. Adding a fabric softener generally helps. Dry the fabric at low temperatures to get maximum usage from the clothing.

Though polyester does not require much ironing, if you must, then iron warm.

Polyester can be dry-cleaned with no hassles.

This is why polyester is more popular in clothing.