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About the introduction of filament oxford 2019.09.21

Filaments, also known as continuous filaments, are a type of chemical fiber. Filaments are long lengths of thread. In the process of chemical fiber production, the spinning fluid is successively extruded from the spinning hole, cooled by air or condensed into a filament in a coagulation bath, and becomes a continuous yarn, and then processed by stretching, twisting, or deformation. The process is for further processing. The filaments thus obtained having a length of several kilometers or tens of thousands of meters can be divided into two types, a monofilament and a multifilament. Chemical fiber filaments are used throughout a variety of wearing, finishing and other industrial sectors.

Contrast with short fibers.

Filaments are usually woven with dozens or dozens of individual filaments. The fabric is lubricated and has a strong luster. It is often used as a summer fabric. Short fibers are fibers having a length of a few millimeters to several tens of millimeters, such as cotton, wool, hemp, and the like, and can also be made by cutting the filaments. The short fibers must be subjected to a spinning process so that the fibers are twisted together to form a continuous yarn for weaving. The short fiber fabric has a hairy appearance, full and fluffy, and is often used in autumn and winter fabrics.
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