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How to clean Oxford cloth bag 2019.09.30

 The oxford cloth produced is usually sent to the world to continue processing and production, of course, there is also an Oxford cloth bag, but generally how to clean the Oxford cloth bag, now for you to introduce.
Oxford cloth raw material package cleaning method:
1, Oxford cloth wash some fade easily, please do not use bleach or fluorescent wash supplies, and assume that there are not stubborn stains such as oil, please reduce the amount of scrubbing supplies as much as possible.
2, Oxford cloth should be soaked in cold water, can not be exposed to the sun, washed with a lot of toilet paper wrapped, pay attention to close, can be useful to prevent cross-color. The leather of the bag can be scrubbed with a skin cream to prevent folding and deformation.
3, when washing Oxford cloth, you can add some salt or white vinegar in the clear water, then dipped the bag into about 30, can prevent fading, and have local stains for significant stains, such as oil stains can be cleaned with detergent.