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Cotton wholesale stretch elastic features 2019.11.09

The wholesale of cotton cloth plays an important role in cutting and sewing clothes in the use of the softness of the fabric, so that it is not suitable for loosening during the multi-stretching process in the use of the line connection at both ends, Effectively, it has a high capacity in the function of the detection system of various areas.

First: to improve the phenomenon of looseness of the fabric: for the use of materials in the strength of the process structure, it can improve the use of high-strength in the long-term textile industry cutting and withstand the high temperature resistance of the material in the foot cloth. Function, it is not suitable for fading in daily cleaning.

Second: Improve loose fabric: For the stretching process of the system function inspected, it resists the serious occurrence of defects in the fabric of the stretching function at both ends, and becomes a solubility in the fabric process of the manufacturing industry. High and perfect for long-term use.

 Third: heating and stretching elasticity is good: cotton wholesale in the function of high temperature drying technology, it is not suitable for the phenomenon of burns, effectively protecting the use of stable technical functions in textile fabrics, has become a systematic step in the inspection Made clothes resist stretch stability