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Daily maintenance cleaning method 2019.11.01

In the process of dense air connection, the use of a strong function in the structure of the fabric is protected, which effectively satisfies the stable efficiency in various textile line structures, and greatly satisfies the environment of exposure or high temperature. It is not suitable for degumming in use, which enhances the prevention of aging in daily cleaning.

1 Improve the situation that the fabric is damaged too much: The canvas wholesale strengthens the chemical dissolution contact, prevents the line from being dissolved and not flowing, and protects the acid from being too high in the corrosion-resistant process.

2 Mild cleaning method: It is difficult to clean in the fabric with excessively deposited stains, so it is best to use a clean solution for soaking, which can protect the process from being unstable.

3 Avoid the humid environment: the canvas wholesale has passed the timely maintenance technology, which can improve the mildew phenomenon in the humid environment, so be sure to use clean cloth to dry, protect the color from fading.