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Factors Affecting Weaving Shrinkage of Warp Yarn of Textile Fabrics 2022.04.29

1. Weft density: If the weft density is high, the warp will buckle frequently, the buckling wave will be large, and the warp fabric shrinkage will be large.

2. Fabric structure: The basic structure of the fabric has many warp staggered points, so the warp yarn staggers frequently and the warp yarn shrinkage rate is large. Under the same other conditions, the order of warp weaving shrinkage is: plain weave>twill weave>satin weave.

3. Tension of the upper machine: If the tension of the upper machine is large, the warp buckling wave height is small during manufacture, and the warp weaving shrinkage rate is small.

4. Temperature and humidity in the manufacturing workshop: Under the conditions of high temperature and high humidity and the same tension on the machine, the warp yarns are easier to produce plastic elongation. According to the formula of the warp yarn shrinkage rate, it can be seen that the warp yarn shrinkage rate is small.

5. Sizing elongation: The sizing elongation is too high, the residual elongation is small, the resilience is low, and the buckling is decreased, which will lead to a small warp shrinkage.

6. Natural conditions: After the fabric is inspected and stored in the finishing workshop for a period of time, due to the release of the warp tension, the warp yarn shrinks, and the warp yarn shrinkage rate is higher than that on the loom. At this time, the temperature and humidity of the finishing workshop are higher. The higher the warp shrinkage, the greater the warp shrinkage.

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