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Analysis of the causes of color difference in textile fabrics 2022.05.07

The fiber composition of various fabrics is different, the types of dyes and process equipment used in coloring are different, and there are different requirements and characteristics in coloring and finishing, the causes and manifestations of defects are different. There are various color differences in appearance, but the reasons are mainly as follows:

(1) The uneven distribution of dyes on the fabric in the early stage: If the dyes are unevenly distributed on various parts of the fabric before fixing, the color difference must be formed after fixing.

The main reasons for this phenomenon are:

①Fabric factor: Due to different fiber properties or pretreatment, cooking, bleaching, and insufficient uniformity of silk, the uneven permeability of semi-finished products before dyeing causes the difference in the degree of dye absorption;

②Liquid absorption factor; due to mechanical structural reasons or improper operation, the liquid carrying rate of each part of the fabric is inconsistent, resulting in color differences;

③ Pre-baking factor: When pre-baking after padding dye liquor, due to the inconsistent drying rate and degree, the dyes will migrate to different degrees, resulting in uneven distribution of dyes on the fabric.

(2) The degree of fixation of dyes on fabrics is different: the initial distribution of dyestuffs on the fabrics is uniform, but during the fixation process, if the conditions are not properly manipulated, the dyes in certain parts of the fabric are not fully fixed, and the post-treatment It is removed when soaping, creating a color difference.

(3) Variation of dye color finish: This difference is due to some reasons causing the color finish of some dyes on the fabric to change. Generally, there are the following three reasons:

① Factors before dyeing: the whiteness of the semi-finished product is uneven or the pH value is quite different, which is easy to cause color difference after coloring;

②Coloring factors: For example, the disperse dyes' thermal melting temperature is too high, which makes the color of some dyes dull; the excessive reduction of vat dyes will also make the color difference;

③Post-dyeing factors: In the post-finishing process, such as resin post-finishing, high-temperature tentering and the difference in pH value on the fabric, etc., will cause the dye color to change to varying degrees;

④Soaping: If the soaping is not sufficient, the hair color will be insufficient and the color will be inaccurate.

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