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How to maintain various fabrics 2022.10.25

Common sense of fabric maintenance
1. Pure wool clothing: when drying, you must choose a cool and ventilated place to make it naturally dry, so as to avoid exposure to the sun. When storing, wrap the insect repellent with gauze and put it in the four corners of the suitcase.
2. Fur clothing: It should be dried in a ventilated place. Avoid exposure to the sun. When collecting, it should be hung from a large hanger that is suitable for the style and placed in a well ventilated wardrobe, not covered with plastic film.
3. Fur clothing: Fur clothing is not afraid of washing. Cleaning and polishing is a dry process, which will not damage the fur, nor shrink, fade or deform. Professional cleaning and polishing will prolong the life of leather clothes. Fur clothing should be cleaned once a year. Sometimes it may not look dirty, but it needs proper care to keep it flexible and bright. Fur clothing should be handed over to a professional fur maintenance center for cleaning, not to a dry cleaner. Fur clothing must be hung with a wide shoulder hanger instead of a wire hanger.
4. Silk clothing: before collection, it should be washed, ironed, dried and stacked flat. Hanging the silk clothing with a hanger will make it longer due to its own weight. It is not suitable to put camphor balls in it, otherwise the clothes will turn yellow.
5. Blended or interwoven clothing: fabrics with high strength and high temperature resistance are subject to low strength and low temperature resistance, those with less components are subject to more components, and those with lower prices are subject to higher prices. When silk and rayon are interwoven, they should not be washed or twisted. When viscose and cotton are blended, do not force wash or twist, and the ironing temperature should be low. Insect repellent shall be put into storage when cotton and wool are blended.
6. Knitwear: dry cleaning is recommended. It can be washed separately without dry cleaning conditions. It cannot be machine washed. The water temperature should not be higher than 30 ℃. Neutral detergent should be used. If softener is used, it should not be directly sprinkled on the clothes. The softener should be diluted with water, and then the clothes should be placed in it. After washing, the clothes should be spread out in a cool and ventilated place to dry to 80%, and then ironed with iron steam to restore the shape.