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Introduction to the PH value of fabrics 2022.06.09

The PH value of fabrics refers to the residual acid and alkali content in the fabric, which is one of the limited indicators of harmful substances that affect human safety and health. China's national standard GB18401-2010 "National Basic Safety Technical Specifications for Fabric Products" stipulates that the pH value of infants and fabric products that directly contact the skin should be controlled at 4.0 to 8.5, and the pH value of fabric products that do not directly contact the skin should be controlled at 4.0~ 9.0, if the product needs subsequent finishing, it must undergo wet treatment in the process, and the PH value can be relaxed to between 4.0 and 10.5.

Human skin generally has a pH value between 5.5 and 7.0, which is weakly acidic. The PH value of fabrics exceeds the standard, which will destroy the weakly acidic environment on the surface of human skin, cause itching, and make the skin easily invaded by other bacteria, and even cause symptoms such as dermatitis.

In addition, the high or low PH value of the fabric will make the fabric easy to be damaged during storage. It can be seen that the PH value of fabric products is not only closely related to the health of consumers, but also to the quality of the fabric products themselves.

There are many reasons for the PH value exceeding the standard, but after dyeing and finishing, the fabrics are dried and left out of the factory if the washing is insufficient, and at the same time, no affirmative neutralization measures have been taken, which are the main reasons for the unqualified PH value. In addition, inferior fabrics can also cause the PH value to exceed the standard.

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