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Analysis of the causes of abnormality in the dyeing process of fabrics 2022.06.16

A. Poor operation, if the coloring is knotted, it is easy to produce severe color flowers.

B. The temperature is too fast, the coloring is too fast in a short time, and the holding time is not enough, which will easily lead to insufficient leveling time.

C. Due to the supply of water quality, the hardness is high in a certain period of time.

D. Improper adjustment of the PH value, especially when using high-fastness dyes to make ultra-fine OP-containing cloth, is prone to color flower or color difference.

E. The compatibility of the color formula is not good. The dyestuff has poor stability and poor reproducibility at high temperature, and the color pattern or color difference is easy to occur.

F. The dyeing vat is not cleaned properly when the coloring row changes the hue, which leads to the condition that the cloth surface is stained with oil stains or block colored flowers during the coloring.

G. The size of the nozzle is not suitable, and it is easy to produce strip-shaped color flowers.

H. The natural color cotton cloth contains a lot of oil, and the oil is not clean.

I. The coloring capacity of the cylinder is too large or the cloth is too long in the cylinder.

J. The speed of coloring the cloth is too slow.

K. The effectiveness of the auxiliaries used for coloring is unstable or the compatibility between the dye factor and the auxiliaries is poor.

L. The efficiency of relaxation and refining is not good.

M. The coloring capacity of the cylinder is too large.

N. The coloring machine is not running normally.

U. The cooling rate is too fast during coloring, so that the cloth surface directly enters the cold water state from high temperature to form small horizontal wrinkles.

V. The selection of nozzles is unreasonable.

W. Poor dye migration.

X. When the coloring process, the temperature rises too fast in the dyeing stage, the tension of the natural color cotton cloth is too large (the nozzle pressure and the speed adjustment of the cloth pulley do not match, causing the line speed to be too fast, and the tension of the fabric will increase) in the form of longitudinal dead break , and the phenomenon that the color at the crease is different from the color of other parts.

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