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Organization classification of textile fabrics 2022.05.24

The fabric is made of two mutually perpendicular spun yarns interlaced according to a certain law on the loom, that is, the warp and weft lines rise and fall with each other according to a certain law, so that the surface of the fabric forms certain lines and patterns. This organization is called. For fabric organization. It can be divided into plain fabrics, twill fabrics, satin fabrics and jacquard fabrics. The functional protective clothing fabrics produced by the city fabrics are mostly the first three types of fabrics, and the jacquard fabrics are generally not used as functional protective tooling fabrics.

Plain weave fabric: The warp and weft yarns of the plain weave are staggered every other, the staggered points are densely arranged, and there is no difference between the front and back sides, so the plain weave fabric has a firm texture and a flat performance. However, the density of this kind of weave fabric cannot be too high, it is relatively light and thin, and the wear resistance and air permeability are relatively good. Generally speaking, the grade of plain weave fabrics is low, and cotton products are often used in general printing products.

Twill weave: The warp and weft yarns are staggered at least once every two yarns, and the warp and weft staggered points are added to change the weave structure of the fabric, collectively referred to as twill weave. The density of the weave fabric is high, the product is relatively thick, there are positive and negative sides, and the hand feels soft and smooth. There are 30, 40 and 60 counts.

Satin weave: The warp and weft are staggered at least three times apart, so this weave makes the fabric denser and thicker. Such weave products cost more than similar twill weave products. It has a positive and negative distinction. Because the floating line of the satin fabric is long and the fastness is poor, the texture is soft, the cloth surface is smooth and full, and it is more luxurious and gorgeous, and it is widely used in fabrics.

Jacquard weave: Also called "large pattern weave". It is formed by knitting the spun yarn mat on the knitting needle selected according to the pattern requirements. Jacquard weave can be formed in weft or warp knitted, single or double knitted fabrics. Printing fabrics are flowers that are printed after the cloth is woven, and there are many choices. Jacquard fabrics are woven during weaving, and flowers cannot be selected after the cloth is formed.

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