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The reason why textile shrinkage rate is not up to standard 2021.12.15

The shrinkage rate problem has always been a "old problem" that plagued China's fabric industry. For a long time, it has not been possible to find a practical and effective solution. The shrinkage rate is not up to the standard, which is already a very common problem in the fabric industry, whether it is in the home textile industry or in the workwear industry.

The official name of "shrinkage rate" is the dimensional change rate of commercial washing, which refers to the percentage of fabric shrinkage after washing or immersion in water. In response to the shrinkage rate, the national standards for fabric products made clear provisions as early as 2004: the washing size change rate of superior fabric products cannot exceed "2%–3%", and the first-class product cannot exceed "2%– 4%", qualified products cannot exceed "2%-5%".

To manipulate the shrinkage rate of fabrics, it is necessary to go through a pre-shrinking treatment process. This process requires a lot of expenditure whether it is spent on the process flow or the professional and technical personnel. If an enterprise adds a pre-shrinking process, the cost may increase by 7% to 8%. Compared with the price of fabrics that have not undergone the pre-shrinking process, it will naturally produce a larger difference. Therefore, in order to reduce expenses, many companies will omit this process.

In addition to the conscious cost considerations of enterprises, the failure of "shrinkage rate" is also related to the lack of strictness in the implementation of testing procedures by some enterprises. For example, some companies did not strictly follow the specifications of the fabric when they submitted for inspection. For example, only 2 meters of samples should be intercepted, which is very random. This causes the test degree of the tested fabric to be greater than the specified degree, and the result is naturally lost and ridiculous.

Fabrics and fabrics will have a pre-shrinking process in the production process. The quality of the products is strictly controlled. The shrinkage rate of the fabrics produced is below 3%, which is fully in line with international standards.