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Types and characteristics of fabrics 2021.12.22

According to the fabric raw materials, it can be divided into pure spinning, blended chemical fiber fabrics and interlaced materials; according to the use of the fabric, it can be divided into clothing, decoration, sanitary products and industrial fabrics. Now it is divided as follows:

(1) Classified by the raw materials that make up the fabric

① Pure fabric refers to a fabric interlaced with yarns spun from the same fiber. Such as: pure cotton fabric, pure linen fabric, etc.

② Blended chemical fiber fabric refers to a fabric woven from warp and weft yarns of a chemical fiber fabric blended with two or more different types of fibers. Such as polyester-cotton blended chemical fiber fabric, polyester-viscose blended chemical fiber fabric, wool-like fabric, etc.

(2) Classified according to the purpose of the fabric

① Clothing fabrics refer to the fabrics, accessories and interlining used to make work clothes.

② Sanitary fabrics refer to towels, bath towels, pillow towels, handkerchiefs, bed sheets, sheets, blankets, etc.

③ Decorative fabrics refer to curtains, curtains, bedspreads, sofa cloth, chair covers, carpets, tapestries, etc.

④ Outdoor products refer to parasols, umbrellas, cotton tents, beach fabrics, etc.

⑤ Technical industrial fabrics refer to various fabrics for industry, agriculture, medical treatment and military needs, such as conveyor belts, canvases, hoses, insulating cloths, cord cloths, parachute cloths, bandages, filter cloths, screen silks, etc.