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Type of cloth 2019.10.26

1, fiber

Fiber materials that are more than a thousand times larger in diameter than the diameter and have a certain flexibility are often referred to as fibers. The thickness and length of the fiber are important factors in determining the feel of the fabric. The coarse fibers give the cloth a hard, firm, thick hand and are resistant to compression. The shorter the fiber, the rougher the fabric, the easier it is to raise the ball, but it has a rough style. The fine fibers give the fabric a soft, thin feel. The longer the fiber, the smoother and smoother the yarn, and the less the hairball.

2, peach skin

A faux leather fabric developed after the artificial suede product, which is a thin fabric composed of ultrafine fibers. The fine sanding finishing in the dyeing and finishing process makes the fabric surface produce a short covering of about 0.2 mm, which is like the surface of the peach. It has a novel and elegant appearance and a comfortable hand, which is favored by people. The fabric is peachskin. This is also known as "peach finishing".

3, Shandong silk

(shantungpongee) - refers to the use of hand tools to weave, finish and have a natural silk pattern and pearl luster. Because of its rough style, rich and rich texture, soft and full-feeling, moisture-absorbing and warmth, it enjoys a high reputation in the world. In addition to being selected as a luxurious material, embroidered cushion and high-grade decoration, Shandong Silk is widely used in chemistry, metallurgy and electric power because of its physical and chemical resistance, such as acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, insulation and high strength. And industrial sectors such as defense.

4, Pai Lisi

The light and thin varieties woven with combed wool yarns are generally dyed by the method of dyeing the tops, and then the partial tops are dyed, and then mixed with the primary color tops to form a plain weave fabric of mixed color yarns. In this way, the surface is evenly distributed with white spots, and there are criss-crossing rain lines. Pai Lisi is the lightest unit in worsted wool, and its main difference with Fan Li Ding is that Fan Li Ding is a single-color dyed, while Pai Si is a mixed color, which is larger than that of Fan Li Ding. The color is mostly medium gray and light gray. In addition to the advantages of varnish, the company is fine and light, strong and resistant to dirt, and is often used for summer trousers and women's blouses.

5, waffle knitted cloth

It is a popular fabric in knitted fabrics. The new latitude and longitude line is made of 32S pure cotton yarn. It is made of convex structure, weaved on imported circular knitting machine, and then passed through various processes such as mercerizing, singeing, pre-shrinking, dyeing and shaping. Processed.

It combines flexibility, breathability, comfort, softness and artistry. It is superior to other knitted fabrics in terms of texture, style, feel, color and function. The fabric has a width of 160cm and is rich in color. The length of this cloth
It is novel in style, beautiful in appearance, comfortable in wearing, breathable and moisture absorbing.