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What are the coating methods applied on denim 2020.12.12

The textile and apparel industry is a fashion industry. Many popular fashions, popular elements, and trends start from textiles and apparel. Among the major elements of "clothing, food, housing, and transportation", clothing comes first. Therefore, as a An important branch, denim and denim clothing occupies an important position in the fashion industry. Due to the continuous innovation of denim fabrics and denim clothing, denim has grown for more than 100 years. Recently, the combination of denim and coating finishing is becoming A powerful trend. There are many coating methods. In fact, most denim fabrics can be coated without pretreatment. In order to obtain better results and good fastness, most denim fabrics go through preparation procedures before coating. The process flow is different. Manufacturers are different, mainly including: desizing, mercerizing, shaping or other surface pretreatments to ensure that the coating has sufficient adhesion to the denim. The general principle of the coating process is as follows:
According to the above, different coating devices in the reference process can be divided into different coating methods. Mature coating methods and types are based on different chemicals, base fabrics, uses, and effects. The applied coating methods are mainly as follows:
Net coating
The typical method is to use a rotary screen printing machine for coating. Some people add 1-3 rotary screens before the setting machine for coating. The coating effect is good, the cloth surface is flat and uniform, and it can be used for imitation cowhide coating. Transparent glue, glossy glue, cloth surface color, bright, pearlescent coating, etc. are particularly suitable. The net coating equipment can do some simple printing on denim.
The scraper coating machine is a traditional and commonly used coating equipment. It has a simple structure, low price, and a wide range of applications. A large part of the scraper coating is installed before the drying room of the setting machine. The coating effect is good, the pattern is clear, and after washing, The cloth has a strong sense of layering, but the disadvantage is that it is easier to produce mid-edge colors. It is a typical application of traditional coating methods in denim finishing.
Dip coating
This coating method is similar to weft dyeing, but it has better washing effect and stronger layering than weft dyeing.
Roll coating
The traditional copper roller printing is introduced into the coating finishing of denim. This method gives less liquid, and the liquid is mainly concentrated on the nodes of the denim fabric. The effect and style after coating are different from other coating methods. The biggest advantage is that the good air permeability of the fabric is still maintained to a large extent after coating in various ways.
Transfer to Tu
It is a flip plate for transfer printing. It has a unique style for denim. It uses the smoothness of the paper. The glue or the designed pattern is first applied to the paper, and then transferred from the paper to the cloth, so that the fabric coating surface It is flat, smooth and smooth, and can get the corresponding case effect. This method can save a certain amount of energy and is not widely used in denim at present.
Foam coating
It saves energy, materials, and water. It rarely produces waste water. It uses air as a solvent to dissolve chemicals. It generally consists of a foaming device, a foam conveying device and a foaming device. The product is soft and It has elasticity and good drape. Particularly suitable for functional coating finishing, soft finishing and wet finishing, etc.
Denim yarn coating
Denim is mainly made of twill fabric, and the warp nodes are mostly on the cloth surface. Therefore, PU emulsion is impregnated in the warp preparation or dyeing process to form a film on the warp surface and woven into a fabric. The cloth surface presents a unique pattern. For the softness, elasticity and brightness of the PU film, it is said that after the warp yarn is treated with PU padding coating, the toughness and elasticity will be better, and the weaving efficiency will be higher.