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What are the practical tips for choosing pattern fabrics 2020.12.18

There are many patterns in the fabric, and the wearing effect of each pattern is very different. If you observe carefully, you will find that this is an interesting and knowledgeable subject.
If under the same brightness and saturation (the degree of turbidity of the color), the plain color appears smaller, the small floral cloth appears larger, and the large floral fabric and checkered cloth appear the largest, and the pattern will disturb the line of sight. Because there are so many types of patterns, it is difficult to uniformly explain. Let's talk about the application and collocation of various patterns.
1. Plain color:
Plain color is the simplest and easiest color to wear. It is suitable for anyone to wear. But pay attention to the problem of brightness and chroma. Plain color matching plain color is the initial stage of color matching. It is easy to look monotonous, but it can still be matched with very concise and vivid colors. If plain color is matched with colorful accessories, monotony can be avoided. Only with the colors in the floral cloth can it be reconciled and the effect will be better.
2. Floral cloth:
Small floral cloth is a very flattering color. It is fresh and lovely, not too monotonous or too rich. It is suitable for all body types, but you still need to pay attention to the brightness. Gorgeous large floral cloth or large-scale printed fabric is not suitable for everyone, because it has a great diffusion effect and will make people look short and fat. Unless you are very tall and thin, try carefully. Floral cloth with plain colors is very good, and it is better to piping with a plain fabric in the middle of the color and has a unified aesthetic. Floral cloth with flower cloth is more complicated, not only the color tones should be harmonized, but also there can be no strong contrast between the color and the color.
3. Check cloth:
Checked cloth, like striped cloth, will never go out of fashion. Exquisite plaid has always been the main color of high-end suit materials. Women have a long history of wearing plaid cloth. Fine gingham and unobvious gingham cloth are as easy to wear and match as plain colors. The large plaid cloth and the large floral cloth are equally difficult to match. There is nothing worse for a woman with big buttocks than wearing a bright and large plaid pleated skirt. Make good use of plaid, you will benefit infinitely. A plaid jacket, or plaid jacket, can almost match most plain skirts or pants.
4. Pattern:
Patterns with patterns, patterns with grids, stripes, and prints are already the most advanced method of matching, which is quite difficult. But there is a secret, that is to keep the matching colors in the same color system, and make them harmonious, and there should be no feeling of competition or rejection.