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What is the use of a fabric bag 2020.07.22

The hobby and attitude with simple symbols and slogans printed on the cloth, is probably the most complete self-proclaimed, fast and similar recognition, the most direct and convenient way.

When you begin to use white cloth in such a gesture, it is no longer just a functional bag, nor is it just a fashion item to wear, like a mobile billboard that you want to know most That part of yourself.

And you are the music you have read, similar to the book, you are carrying your little bag. A few days ago, sitting in Manhattan, 14 Union Square and other friends. In the evenings, a tall and thin young man hurried past me. He wore a light-colored shirt and a khaki-colored suit pants, a messenger bag diagonal, and a New Yorker cloth bag on his left shoulder. A typical look of the author. See him, you can probably guess his career, hobbies, and even sketched out some of the details of life.

You are also carrying your white abric bag

In this model, "I love New York," this fashion burst, because of the lack of personality and attitude, it seems a bit ordinary.

So, what kind of white cloth allows you to stand out from the vast sea of it?

At least, you have to show some unique taste: If you do not have the creative idea to make some big talk of harmony, opposed to the consumerism of cloth, then you can find them, but also considered unique.

And if you are a fan of literature lover , you can choose a cloth that best represents your writing and reading attitude, or just beloved author and their quotation back to you, formally Witty playful, of course, meaningful art can also, such as the following:

Independent design of the New York Strand Bookstore

The banned book series of Banos Bookstore (Barnes & Noble), the largest retail chain bookstore in the United States, carries a seemingly clever and rebellious example and is indeed a model for the leftist spirit.

ObviousState, a New York independent label, is in the literary classic series, a passage taken from the Oscar Wilde satirical comedy "Playboy:". It is worth mentioning that, Sir, I admit that some of my confusion about what you just told me, irrespective of whether it is dealt with, whether it is handled, born or nurtured, appears to show ordinary vulgar feelings of contempt for family life, reminiscent of The most serious overreaction in the French Revolution.

Similarly, if you are a loyal reader of a magazine, a newspaper, or an independent bookstore frequented by others, you can choose a matching cloth from the periphery of your home. These niche independent magazines, bookstore owners mostly have good taste, the sale of the surrounding, the first is to meet the aesthetic needs of the majority, back to the street is not bad at least a single product; and more importantly, with practical action in the funds Support for an independent culture, whether financially supported or advertised for independent art for free, is one of the core attributes of the leftist spirit.

Cloth bags and recommended reading magazine package sale, the cloth part of the text from the I Like Your Work: Art and Etiquette key chapters

Speaking of such a choice, Strand Bookstore, an independent bookstore that has now been completely reduced to a tourist attraction, is a market-like existence with its own design studio, Also with the New Yorker, fashion brand Kate Spade, the Queen's own brand Martha Stewart launched a special edition cloth bag.

Strand Bookstore, a New York independent bookstore, and Kate Spade, a fashion brand, partnered to launch feminine collections

In addition, whether you care about affirmative action, war and peace, environmental protection, community farming, organic food, or against multinational corporations, over-commercialization, consumerism ... what you love and believe Almost everything can be revealed in a small cloth bag, after all, as with any value orientation, the spirit of the left infiltrates the attitude of a person in the face of each specific issue of life.