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Why should I use cloth bags instead of plastic bags 2020.07.29

Plastics bags are made from different types of plastics like HDPE , LDPE, PET , PP etc. These are not very easy to recycle and like all plastics take centuries to degrade.

It is believed that the manufactured plastics contain certain chemicals and toxic elements which are transmitted to the food packaged or transported in them and ultimately get into our body harming our health.

Equally or even more important , plastic bags are often littered or mixed with the rest of the refuse and garbage and affect even the biodegradable waste. Unless scientifically disposed , plastics can block drains,find their way into the rivers and oceans and harm marine and human life

In view of their harmful effect, especially as now they are used in abundance and are a growing menace, many state governments are banning plastic bags and other single use and disposables

As a substitute for carrying goods , cotton bags are a good and practical alternative.

We will have to think of alternatives for packaging also as people become more aware and convinced if the damages being caused.