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Causes of colored flowers in textile dyeing 2022.07.22

Color flower (including color difference, color mismatch, etc.) is a more common and common quality problem in the coloring process. The reasons are:

(1) Process formulation and operation problems: The formulation process is unreasonable or improper operation produces color flowers.

(2) Equipment problems: If the temperature in the oven of the heat-setting machine is different after disperse dyes dye polyester, it is easy to produce color difference and color flowers, and the insufficient pump force of the rope dyeing machine is also easy to cause color flowers and so on.

(3) Dyestuff problems: dyes are easy to aggregate, have poor solubility, and have poor compatibility. They are too sensitive to temperature and pH, and are prone to color flowers and color differences.

(4) Water quality problems: poor water quality, resulting in the combination of dyes and metal ions or the agglomeration of dyes and impurities, resulting in color flower, light color, color mismatch and other phenomena. The auxiliaries related to the color flower mainly include penetrant, leveling agent, chelating dispersant, pH value manipulator, etc. The penetration force of the penetrant is not enough, which is easy to cause uneven penetration of dye liquor and color flower. There are various leveling agents for polyester, cotton, wool, nylon, and polyacrylonitrile fibers, and the quality is uneven. The selection of leveling agents must take into account the dispersing and solubilizing effect of dyes, retarding dyeing and migration. Dyeing, osmotic aid and even complexation of metal ions in water, and all factors that affect the coloring rate such as its PH applicability and foaming must be considered. The phenomenon is indispensable. The quality of the chelating dispersant is also related to the leveling problem. In the current situation where the water quality is getting worse and worse, more attention should be paid to the assistance of the chelating dispersing agent to the leveling. The problem of pH manipulation is a problem that is not taken seriously, and pH manipulation is impossible to talk about, so the phenomenon of color flowers and color differences continues to occur.

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