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Classification of functional fabrics 2022.08.04

According to the different protection objects, functional protective fabrics can be divided into protective fabrics for general operations and extraordinary operations. General work protective fabrics refer to fabrics worn in general working environments for general damage such as decontamination, anti-mechanical wear, anti-twisting, etc., such as protective gloves, sleeve protectors, leg protectors, etc. Personnel provide safety and care. Generally, there are a wide range of fabrics for work protective clothing, and different grades of pure cotton, chemical fiber, and blended chemical fiber fabrics are suitable for production. Special protective fabrics are suitable for working environments that directly endanger the safety and health of workers. They can avoid and reduce occupational hazards. They are highly specific. The fabrics adopted must meet the technical requirements of the country and the industry for special protective functions. They are mainly used in chemical industry, Metallurgy, petroleum, electronics, fire protection and other fields.

According to the field of care, functional protective fabrics can be divided into public utilities, military, medical and health, leisure and leisure, industrial, construction, agriculture and other categories. Fabrics for public utilities, such as bus protective clothing, mostly use back-to-back and finish-to-finish materials to increase the conspicuousness of objects (people, roads, etc.) to avoid accidents; military protective fabrics can be divided into bulletproof vests, Anti-nuclear suits, anti-biochemical suits, and camouflage suits are used to assist soldiers to effectively resist, prevent and combat harsh weather conditions and conventional, biological and chemical warfare to the greatest extent possible; medical protective fabrics are required to be comfortable to wear, easy to operate, Safety, anti-virus, anti-bacteria, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, but also anti-accidental cutting, exempt from washing, reduce surgical infection and other functions; leisure and leisure protective fabrics mainly refer to motorcyclists, mountain climbers, skiers, skaters The protective clothing that is worn not only effectively protects the human body from damage, but also has the advantages of breathability, flexibility, sensitivity, lightness, and easy care.

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