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What are the characteristics of printed fabric 2021.01.16

Printed fabrics include: cotton printed fabrics, chemical fiber dyed fabrics, chemical fiber printed fabrics, women's clothing 600D fabric , clothing fabrics and other high-end fabrics.
The process principle of printed cloth is to print the color paste of water-soluble reactive dyes into transfer printing paper, and then the Camouflage Printing fabric pretreatment is closely combined with the transfer printing paper, and a certain pressure is applied. The color paste on the transfer printing paper dissolves. Under a certain pressure, because the affinity of the dye to the fabric is greater than that of the transfer paper, the dye is transferred to the fabric and into the interstices of the fabric, and the finished product is formed after color fixing and washing.

Printed cloth is divided into general and professional. General-purpose floral cloth is printed and dyed into pieces, and the material can be cut at will, and sewn into various clothes, quilts, bed sheets, etc. Special floral fabrics are generally designed to be printed and dyed according to specific needs. Each piece of fabric is a product, such as furoshiki, square towel, door curtain, pillow towel, etc. Because the application scope and functions of the two types of floral fabrics are different, the patterns and pattern designs are different.
The key to the creation technique of colored calico is engraving. Every grass and leaf on colored calico needs to be cut out bit by bit on the cowhide with the outline of the pattern drawn in advance with a knife. Printed fabrics have developed from single-sided printing to double-sided printing, from single-color to multi-color, from small cloth to wide-width cloth, and from native cloth to fine cotton, cotton and linen blended fabric, silk and so on. The variety of designs and colors is also increasing day by day, and various crafts such as blue-printed curtains, wall hangings, tablecloths, shoes and hats, bags, toys, etc. appear, especially blue-printed cloth fashions, which have become a beautiful landscape in the city.
The color matching of calico is also a question. The color matching, the transition of color, the contrast between light and dark, there are dozens of colors. Color calico has the saying of "seven red, eight green and twelve blue". There are so many and complicated things. Only when the colors are well matched can the whole picture be colorful, bright and dazzling, distinct and harmonious and natural.