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  • ZY-677 600D Linen Type Cationic Fabric (WR)

ZY-677 600D Linen Type Cationic Fabric (WR)

Product Name:  600D Linen Type Cationic Fabric (WR)


Product Code: ZY-677 PU


Composition: 100% Polyester


Coating: Can customize PU, PVC, ULY coating


Characteristic: Water Resistant, REACH Standard


Uses: Fabrics are great for making backpacks, bags, cases, prams, sheets, pillows, sleeping bags, curtain, covers for clothing and furniture, home decoration etc. Customization is available. 


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Cationic fabrics are particularly suitable for sportswear as they are very absorbent and have a small dyeing difference, and are mainly used for sports shirts, sports trousers, yoga wear etc. If the cationic fabric is thicker and has a good pulling effect, it can be used for thermal clothing, thermal trousers etc.

600D linen type cationic fabric (WR) is a type of fabric made from linen fibers that have been twisted together to create a durable and strong material. The "D" refers to the denier, which is a unit of measurement for the fineness of fibers. A higher denier means thicker, stronger fibers. "Cationic" refers to the type of dye that is used on the fabric, which is a positively charged dye that is attracted to negatively charged fibers. "WR" likely stands for water repellent, which means that the fabric has been treated to resist water penetration. This treatment can make the fabric more resistant to stains and water damage, and can be used in applications such as outdoor clothing and gear, or as an upholstery fabric. 600D is thicker than 300D and thus more durable and strong.

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Taizhou Zhenye Textile Co., Ltd.

As China ZY-677 600D Linen Type Cationic Fabric (WR) Suppliers, Taizhou Zhenye Textile Co.,Ltd is located in Taizhou city, Zhejiang province. It was established in 2001. It is a professional manufacturer of various specifications of oxford fabric (polyester fabric).

As Wholesale ZY-677 600D Linen Type Cationic Fabric (WR) Company, our main products are bag fabric, PVC fabric, PU fabric, 300D fabric, 600D fabric, RPET fabric and other polyester fabric.

Products are widely used in making luggage, bags, backpack, cases, beach chairs, tents, decoration fabric and so on.

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